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Acer saccharinum

Silver maple

Silber-Ahorn - Érable argenté, Érable blanc - Zilveresdoorn, Witte esdoorn

Acer saccharinum Acer saccharinum
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Ovalt 1. størrelse højere end 12 meter Halvåben krone
Højde: 20 - 25 (35) m
Krone: oval to round
Bark og grene: grey and smooth
Blad: 5-lobed, bright green, 10 -15 cm
Blomster: yellow-green, non-conspicuous clusters, March
Frugter: winged nutlets, 4 - 5 cm long
Anvendelse: park tree, wide avenues and streets
Jordtype: both wet and dry soil, tolerates hard surfaces
Vindbestandighed: moderate to poor
Oprindelse: central and eastern North America
Vinterhårdhedszone: 4
Synonym: A. dasycarpum

Large, stately growing tree with an undulating crown due to its slightly hanging branches. Growing to an above-average height with open branching. In its original habitat in North America there are specimen of 35 m. The leaf is deeply lobed and is 5-lobed to 5-foliate. The colour is green with a grey white underside. The leaf stalk is red. In autumn the leaf usually turns yellow. Some leaves often turn orange to red creating a decorative effect. The flowers emerge before the leaves unfurl. It has a shallow root system with strongly branching roots and many fibrous rootlets. The main roots may push up hard surfaces. Is tolerant to moist soil and therefore multi-functional. Often applied as a street tree, but, due to branches breaking easily, caused by wind, it is now increasingly applied as a park tree. Acer saccharinum grows in its natural habitat close to rivers and marshes. But the tree can also grow on drier sites.

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