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Betula ermanii

Erman birch

Gold-Birke, Ermans-Birke - Bouleau d'Erman - Goudberk

Betula ermanii
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Rundt/kugleformet 1. størrelse højere end 12 meter Halvåben krone
Højde: 15 - 20 (30) m
Krone: round
Bark og grene: yellow white, flaking in thin strips
Blad: triangular to ovoid, dark green, 4 - 10 cm
Blomster: catkins, yellow green, X single and upright, Y 4 - 6 cm, April
Frugter: ovoid fruit catkins, 2 - 3 cm long
Anvendelse: park tree
Jordtype: no poor, dry soil, intolerant to hard surfaces
Vindbestandighed: moderate
Oprindelse: Northeast Asia
Vinterhårdhedszone: 4
Synonym: -

In its original habitat a large tree that can attain a height of 30 m. There it grows in extremely dry and rocky soils and often remains a shrub in these conditions. The tree forms a multiple-stemmed crown with rough branches and twigs that have large lenticels. Eventual width circa 7 m. Already at an early age the bark flakes in yellow-white to pink-white strips. The triangular to ovoid leaf is acuminate. The leaf is coarsely, irregularly toothed. B. ermanii sprouts early in spring. The striking, yellow autumn colouring starts early and the tree sheds its leaves early. Male and female catkins appear with the leaves. This birch is shallow rooting with a delicate root system and many rootlets. Sensitive to (sea) wind.

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