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Carpinus betulus

Charme pleureur - Treurhaagbeuk

Carpinus betulus 'Pendula'
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Bredt hængende 3. størrelse mindre end 6 meter Mørk, tæt krone
Højde: approx. 4 m, depending on the height of the graft
Krone: broad weeping
Bark og grene: bark grey and smooth, twigs grey-brown with short hairs
Blad: ovoid, bright green, 8 - 10 cm
Blomster: none
Frugter: none
Anvendelse: solitary
Jordtype: makes few demands as regards soil, preference for loamy ground
Vindbestandighed: moderate
Oprindelse: France, approx. 1850
Vinterhårdhedszone: 5a
Synonym: -

A slow growing and exceptionally beautiful weeping type of hornbeam that is unjustifiably little used. 'Pendula' is grafted onto a lower trunk of C. betulus. The height of the graft determines the eventual height of this solitary tree. The branches start off by growing straight downwards and later grow more in the width so that a half-rounded parasol shape is formed. The tree will easily reach a breadth of 4 - 5 m. Young twigs are grey; older branches and the trunk are dark grey and remarkably smooth. The leaves are a fresh green colour in the spring. The leaf has a sharply double serrated edge and the leaf top tapers to a point. The whole tree turns colour to golden yellow in the autumn. There are no flowers and therefore no fruit. Root growth is relatively close to the surface. The rotted leaves are good soil improvers.

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