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Hippophae salicifolia

Sea buckthorn

Sanddorn - Argousier - Duindoorn

Hippophae salicifolia 'Robert' Hippophae salicifolia 'Robert'
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Rundt/kugleformet 2. størrelse mellem 6 og 12 meter Halvåben krone
Højde: 8 - 10 m
Krone: round
Bark og grene: rough bark, twigs velvety and grey-brown
Blad: elongated, soft green, underside grey, 2 - 7 cm
Blomster: unremarkable, yellowish-green, April/May
Frugter: male cultivar, bears no fruit
Anvendelse: park tree, coastal regions
Jordtype: dry and poor, calcareous
Vindbestandighed: very good
Oprindelse: Arboretum Kalmthout, Belgium
Vinterhårdhedszone: 6b
Synonym: -

An uncommon large shrub to small tree that originated in the Kalmthout arboretum in the north of Belgium. It has a round, open crown with thin, pendulous twigs. The twigs of this type are less thorny than the more familiar H. rhamnoides. Old bast becomes rough and flakes off. Young twigs have brown scales and velvety hairs. The leaves are narrow lanceolate to elongated and are a soft green colour on the upper side. The underside of the leaf is a remarkable greyish-white. Unlike the species, this male cultivar bears no fruit. Hippophae is an excellent tree for coastal regions. It stands up very well to salty sea wind. And this tree has no problems with de-icing salt. Grows best in dry, poor and slightly calcareous soil.

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