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Malus tschonoskii

Flowering Crab

Zier-Apfel - Pommier - Sierappel

Malus tschonoskii Malus tschonoskii
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Bredt kegleformet/bredt pyramideformet 2. størrelse mellem 6 og 12 meter Halvåben krone
Højde: 8 - 10 (12) m
Krone: broad pyramidal to ovoid
Bark og grene: hairless, dark brown
Blad: oval to elliptical, felt-like grey-green, 7 - 11 cm
Blomster: white, Ø 3 - 4 cm, not very remarkable, May
Frugter: few, yellowish-brown, Ø 2 - 3 cm
Anvendelse: street and park tree
Jordtype: nutritious, well drained soil
Vindbestandighed: good, sensitive to sea wind
Oprindelse: Japan
Vinterhårdhedszone: 6a
Synonym: -

A type that occurs in the wild in Japan, used more for its decorative leaves than for the flowers or fruit. Grows vertically with a straight main trunk. The winter buds are a remarkable brownish-red colour and glossy. In the spring the young leaves emerge almost white. Once they are fully grown only the underside remains a remarkable light grey. The leaves are rough and slightly lobed. No other ornamental apple tree has such exceptional autumnal colours as this. With its many shades, from purple and copper through orange to yellow, the tree is a real eye-catcher in the autumn. The (fragrant) flowers and the fruits are much less spectacular than those of the other ornamental apple trees. It grows best on nutritious soil that is not too dry; it has shallow roots with a vigorous root system. Sensitive to various diseases, which means that this tree is unfortunately little used.

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