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Platanus acerifolia
'Mr X'

Platanus acerifolia 'Mr X' Platanus acerifolia 'Mr X'
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Rundt/kugleformet 1. størrelse højere end 12 meter Halvåben krone
Højde: 20 - 30 m
Krone: round
Bark og grene: grey-green and yellow-green flaking bark
Blad: palmate lobed, green, 12 - 25 cm
Blomster: spherical flower heads, yellow-green, May
Frugter: spherical, spiky, brown, usually 2 together
Anvendelse: street, avenue and park tree
Jordtype: all, soil not too calcareous
Vindbestandighed: moderate to good
Oprindelse: Van den Berk, Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands, 1992
Vinterhårdhedszone: 6a
Synonym: -

A selection made from P. acerifolia, distinguished by the fine vertical trunk and very uniform manner of growth. It has bark that flakes off to reveal a light green to yellow-green underground and grey-green dark green to brown loose flakes. The young shoots are remarkable for their reddish-purple colour. Later they turn brown with lighter elliptical lenticels. The buds are also red in colour. The leaves, flowers and fruit are similar to those of the species. Plane trees are very resistant to hard surfaces but surface roots can push the surrounding paving upwards. Takes pruning very well, even in old wood. It is important to use a tree stake for support at the sapling stage. Young branches have a tendency to break and the tree does not stand up at all well to sea wind. 'Mr X' resists leaf spot disease better than does the species.

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