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Taxodium distichum

Bald cypress, Swamp cypress

Sumpfzypresse - Cyprès chauve, Cyprès de la Louisiane - Moerascypres

Taxodium distichum Taxodium distichum
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Smalt kegleformet/smalt pyramideformet 1. størrelse højere end 12 meter Halvåben krone
Højde: 18 - 30 (50) m
Krone: narrow pyramidal when young, later broader
Bark og grene: reddish brown, fibrous, grooved bark, young twigs are green
Blad: needles, soft green, spiralling around twig, 1 - 2 cm long
Blomster: unremarkable
Frugter: ovoid cones, Ø 2 - 3 cm, first green, later brown
Anvendelse: planted in stands in parks, avenue tree
Jordtype: moisture-retentive to swampy, can also be moderately dry
Vindbestandighed: very good
Oprindelse: south-eastern North America
Vinterhårdhedszone: 6a
Synonym: -

Deciduous conifer that remains narrow pyramidal for a long time but ultimately grows to a width of 7 – 10 m. Mature trees growing in or near water form roots that protrude above the ground like stalagmites. They can attain a width of approx. 30 cm. and a height of 1 m. The fibrous trunk is very knotty and grows very broad at the bottom. It twists in an anti-clockwise spiral. Young shoots and short shoots are green. These short shoots are 5 - 10 cm long, with erect, spreading needles. This is in contrast to Metasequoia, the needles of which are opposing. The short shoots and needles fall off at the same time in the autumn. The needles on long shoots are scaly and protrude in a radial, spiral shape. The autumn colour is orange-brown to reddish brown. It is a monoecious tree with ovoid, green cones that appear after flowering and turn brown when ripe. Tolerates long periods of submersion under water.

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